Donia The Artist...

"Specializing in the Art of Handmade Custom Jewelry"


“Donia, I received my 3 custom necklaces yesterday - they are absolutely stunning.
It was a great experience working with you, definitely an expert in your field. Look forward to placing more custom orders. Take care. Best regards,”

Jospehine K., Boca Raton, FL


For as many years back as she can remember, Donia has felt a passion for all types of art. Growing up in rural America gave Donia an abundance of time to pursue her creative endeavors.

Her family was blessed with talented artisans, including her mother, grandmother and three sisters. As the years passed, Donia pursued her love of art and, to no one’s surprise, combined her passion and expertise to create Dazzling Dezigns.


As a teenager, Donia excelled in macrame, sculptures and paintings. She received her first piece of custom jewelry when she was six years old and continues to cherish it today. Donia began designing jewelry out of necessity.


“I was unable to find combinations of stones and colors that really got me excited,” she says, “so I started creating my own jewelry. I chose semi-precious stones and sterling silver as my materials because of the natural quality they radiate as art in the form of jewelry.”


She continues, “Handmade custom jewelry is very personal, but needs to be fun and wearable, too. The custom jewelry you choose makes a statement about yourself and should make you feel good every time they wear it. So many women have custom jewelry that they don’t wear because it’s too high-end, specialized or valuable to be worn in everyday situations.”


As a custom jewelry designer, Donia creates designs that women enjoy anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re going to the supermarket or attending the Governor’s Ball - Donia believes that her handmade custom jewelry (or ‘wearable art’ as she likes to call it) is meant to be cherished through the years. In fact, experts and customers say that Donia’s custom jewelry creations are the most exquisitely handcrafted jewelry art found in the world.


What Makes a Custom Jewelry Designer Tick? Donia says that most of her creative juices begin when she is relaxed. Many times when she is sleeping, she will awake with a new design in mind. Yes, Donia’s creativity even extends to dreams about handcrafted custom jewelry. She envisions customs jewelry designs in autumn leaves, cloudy skies, falling water, mountain valleys and other simple views that reflect the beauty of art.


“I make handcrafted custom jewelry that is versatile and can be worn in more than one way,” says Donia, “such as a single strand necklace that can also be worn as a double strand, or the same necklace worn with or without a pendant drop.”


Her custom jewelry designs became so popular with family and friends that she found herself making unique pieces for customers across the Nation. Now, over 25 years later, she’s still practicing the art of handcrafted designs...


“I feel by designing unique jewelry I'm bringing a bit more joy into
everyone's life. If you own a piece of handmade jewelry created by me and
it's showing a little wear (I call that Character) then, I have succeeded.” Donia